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The Bad Seed

the bad seed

"Tattooing is not the hideous custom which it is called. It is not barbarous merely because the printing is skin deep and unalterable"- Henry David Thoreau, Walden

A mother. An artist.Not in that order, but for the most part I put mom-ing in front of everything else.
I love science, anatomy, microbiology, pharmacy, and diseases. I could talk for hours about those things.I wish others did as well.
I am a collector. I collect old things mostly- buttons, glass, bones, clothes, correspondence, estate items, jewelry.
I love touring cemeteries in the US and other countries.I have an herb garden and own my own 1940s home. I am queen of DIY whenever possible.I make my own soap, facial care products,jewelry, you name it.
I buy and sell vintage clothing. I raid estate sales for old clothes whenever possible.I have a large collection and it grows bigger by the month. I have a website where I sell, but it's been neglected since I started school.
My dad is an engineer.
My brother is a financial analyst working for corporate america.
My mom never went to college.
My great-grandmother was a nurse.
I do not believe in soul-mates, but love is very real.
I love hiking and sleeping in the woods, either alone or with others.
I hate people that drive their cars on the beach.
I despise most rich people. Very few are humble.And most dress badly.
I do not like bananas, except banana flavoured candy.
I love collage work.
I collect things I find on sidewalks. This includes birds nests.
I am deathly afraid of heights yet fly anyway.
I am good at math.
I only read non-fiction books.
I actually enjoy reading my school text books.
I think scars are beautiful.I hated high school but went to the reunions anyway.
I am addicted to coffee with cream.
I prefer to be alone most of the time but enjoy time with friends.
Speaking of, I still keep in contact with all my friends from grade school through high school. No, we don't talk about Snoopy's or bad 70's pants, although that would be fun.
I am most definitely a feminist, so don't push it.
I like making new friends, so please feel free to add me.
DO NOT ADD ME if you are homophobic, racist, or an idiot.
1920's, 1930's 1940's, 1950's, 4ad, 80's goth, 80's movies, adbusters, alfred hitchcock, anti government, antique jewelry, art, art deco, b movies, baby heads, bad t.v., barry adamson, basements, bauhaus, beaded sweaters, biology, birdwatching, blood, bonsai, books, bowling, brian eno, bukowski, cemetary art, checkers, clint mansell, cocteau twins, coffee, coil, collage, collecting, comic books, corsets, crispin glover, cult films, cynical people, death, dragonflies, drawn and quarterly, dreams, dying, edvard munch, edward gorey, eight balls, elitism, entomology, estate sales, experimental film, eyes, flea markets, forensic anthropology, forensics, fortune cookies, found objects, gardening, hammer films, harold and maude, henry miller, honesty, indian food, industrial, insects, introspection, j.g. ballard, james joyce, john fante, john waters, joyce carol oates, klimt, laurie anderson, lavender, lipstick, louise brooks, mad magazine, madness, mark e. smith, maryjanes, mayhem, moss, motherhood, mountains, nirvana, old bakelite radios, old cars, old people, old postcards, painting, paul weller, phillip glass, photo booths, photography, pin up girls, pinups, polaroids, popcicles, protest, punk, quentin tarrantino, radiohead, random acts of kindness, reading, red lipstick, red paint, robert williams, rockabilly, seashells, shoes, silent films, skeletons, snails, snow, snowflakes, strange people, studebakers, sunsets, surrealism, swap meets, swing, swing dresses, tattoos, the birthday party, the clash, the damned, the dark, the fall, the woods, therapy, thrift shopping, thrift store paintings, thrift stores, tin toys, velvet, velvet underground, velveteen toys, vintage clothing, vintage culture, vintage slips, vinyl, vinyl records, voyeurism, watching clouds, werner herzog, writing, yoga